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Come and meet one of our specialized medical professionals to properly diagnose the source of your vision problems.  Dr. Abedin & Associates can properly examine your vision and provide the proper solution to your needs.

Over time, vision changes as it adapts to new conditions and uses.  it is critical to constantly monitor and keep up with changes in your vision as it changes. We perform Visual Field Tests, OCT tests, Fundus Photography, Flourescein Angoigraphy, Argon Laser, Cryopexy, and Yag Laser.

In addition, proper refraction and fitment of Glasses/Contacts are essential to healthy vision.  Vision checks that used to be correct years ago, may no longer be accurate.  Whether you need eye glasses, or contacts to provide you the crisp clear, or a medical procedure performed to correct your vision. Eye doctors at Houston deals every Eye patient with best eye care doctor and attention to keep you and your family vision healthy.

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